design process

Design Assessment (no fee)

We can start with a brief introductory meeting that lasts about 15 minutes, at no charge. We are happy to meet  you to show you some examples of our work, take a look around and help you decide what your best next step might be with us.

Consultation (fee)

This is usually about an hour long session. We walk and talk your yard with you, discussing your goals, your vision, and your challenges. We analyze the site and listen to what your ideas for it might be.  We also provide ideas about what might or might not work. You will come away with lots of advice, from individual plant ideas to large scale and “vision” suggestions.  You might use this consultation to start getting some landscape work done yourself, or as a way of refining exactly what it is you want us to help you to accomplish in your garden.

Master Plan (contract & fee)

This starts with the same conversation as a consultation, but we use those ideas and information to develop a comprehensive, detailed plan for your yard and gardens. The product is a detailed layout drawing of your property with specific plant ideas, hardscape locations and materials, possible drainage solutions etc. The master plan gives you a detailed and unified plan that is ready to go to a contractor for preliminary pricing.

Fees will be proposed based on the scope and nature of the project. If you choose this path, we will provide you with written proposal for our design work which further explains the process and our services.  To begin design work, we request a retainer fee.

Construction Management

We coordinate and manage all services that are involved in installing your newly designed landscape to ensure that the final outcome matches your vision.  We have several excellent contractors we work with for plantings, patios, walls, lighting and irrigation.

We are happy to provide references upon request.

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